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About ABPG

ABPG has a great long-term experience in technical support services for various types of entertainment of any complexity.
Many large companies are included to the list of our clients, as well as popular singers, famous producers, fashion designers, politicians and government agencies.
Our main activities - the organization of concerts, rental and leasing of professional lighting, sound equipment and stage constructions.
Rental of sound, light, scenes and generators is much cheaper than purchasing for one-time event or for an occasional use. Understanding the customer desires, we have generated a large material-technical base of professional equipment that can meet any demand.
Using the individual approach to every client, we provide the equipment, conducting "live" concerts, Fashion shows, conferences, congresses, presentations, corporate events, PR and BTL-actions, weddings, discos, birthdays and many other activities.
For the success of our events, wersquo;ve picked up a professional team to implement all necessary work on the installation, configuration and maintenance of the leased equipment.
In our team there are the engineer, sound, lighting, DJs, photographers and videographers.
Using the best experience, we focus on providing only high-quality services.

MISSION: the extent, performance, entertainment

OBJECTIVES OF THE COMPANY: Leadership, speed and Customer Satisfaction


We use the best modern facilities, international technologies and approaches that meet the highest standards. Our team of highly trained professionals is constantly growing and consists of the best people with great potential.

as we invest and provide qualified education, training and development of our employees, we value success, encourage initiative and innovation of our employees and partners, we are clearly focused on achieving goals. We effectively use our resources to improve our company and its performance indicators, enhance value for its owners, creating new opportunities for growth and development of each.

we create a strong and clear communication of trust to increase the efficiency of their business, customers and business partners. All we promise we make at the time. Being trustworthy is more important than any benefits for us. We try to provide a comprehensive and individual support with maximum protection of the interests of our customers and partners 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

we develop a society of like-minded friends, we live in, respecting the principles and beliefs of our customers, partners and employees, creating conditions so that all who work with us, had the opportunity to develop and achieve prosperity, just as we do.

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