ABPG company always strives for a mutually beneficial terms of cooperation and partnership. For our clients, we regularly develop bonus programs and promotional offers. Currently, the following conditions are relevant:

1) Attracting client
When engaging a new client, anyone can get from 5 to 15% benfit of the order, regardless of discounts granted to customers by ABPG.

2) Re-Orders
When re-order, each client is entitled to receive a guaranteed discount on the equipment rental in accordance with the following table:

Number of orders


From 2 up to 3


From 4 up to 7


From 8 up to 14


From 15 up to 30


From 30 and further


3) The partnership agreement
When entering into a partnership agreement - Save up to 10 up to 40% *
* Partnership Agreement is engaged after at least 2 events and constant cooperation of at least 2 times per month.

4) Permanent cooperation with the service center
In ongoing cooperation with our service center or in case of the regular order of outbound service equipment, you can get a discount for our service! The discount is discussed separately and starts at 20% for technician services and 10% for the materials.

5) Pre-booking
When booking the equipment for 14 days before the event - 10% discount