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"Efficiency is one of our primary values"

The following pages present the choice of equipment and services for technical support activities, which is the largest in Ukraine and updated every day. To search for the equipment you need to rent, use the directory.

"We assist to make an extremely colorful event, which would provide long-time memories!"

Mass events

Festivals, concerts, tours, competitions, local festivals, fairs, rallies, TV projects

We provide large-scale spectacles, which would match any taste, without an exception!


Exhibitions, presentation of goods and services WEEK shares and BTL actions, promotions, promotion actions, advertising promotions, lottery and sweepstakes, advertising and promotions at the show.

Only the best creative solutions and memorable events. We provide the most advanced technologic solutions to achieve the highest quality!

Business events

Briefings, press conferences, business meetings, conferences, seminars, presentations, psychological trainings, seminars and business trainings

Using the most modern, efficient and optimal solutions, we provide the highest level in the conducting any business activities that will establish more trusty relations with clients and partners of yours!

Corporate Events

Corporate events, anniversaries, private parties, club parties, the New Year celebrations

Drawings and original greetings, private congratulations, private parties, quests, graduation parties

We'll provide any staff and professional solution for any corporate event!

Private events

Children's parties, birthdays, anniversaries, private parties, club parties the New Year parties, drawings and original greetings, weddings, private parties, quests, kids entertainment, graduation

We'll provide an incredibly beautiful celebration show for the most valuable events in your that will long be remembered!

Sound recording

The sound recording of any kind of events is performed on the basis of ProTools. Recorded live available through the use of DIGIDESIGN DIGI 003 FACTORY BUNDLE. Recording Live and recorded concerts performed by a large park mic presented on our site.


Installations that attract the attention of anyone!
For stationary solutions, single-time and long-term measures, we will offer a wide range of sound, light, stage and media equipment.
We will develop the best technical solution to meet your needs.
Мы разработаем оптимальное техническое решение, с учетом Ваших потребностей под "ключ".
Due to the long-term coperation with the leading manufacturers, we can achieve a cost-effective solution to your problem, providing a long-term warranty and service.

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аренда шатров аренда тента аренда прожектора аренда трибуны

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